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Multiply your prize winnings by playing your tokens strategically! Multiprizer provides state-of-the-art blockchain features which makes this game highly decentralized and completely tamper-proof.

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Features of this DApp

Most Powerful 'Provable Random' in Blockchain History

Multiprizer uses the most sophisticated Provable Random Number currently known, to generate winner - Ledger based random of Oraclize, with on-chain proof verification. This creates purest 'random' to select winners from the strategic lot. Read More

Highest Level of Decentralization for robust and tamper-proof Gameplay

This DApp is built with game parameters such as DirectPlay and a fixed significant house edge, which make sure that the game cannot be controlled or manipulated by any party – neither malicious players, nor rogue miners, not even the admin or creator of this game. Read More

Fairness of Gameplay implementing 'Undo' of token purchase

The game tokens, once purchased, can be undone by the ‘revert’ feature in which all the player's purchased tokens are cancelled, and the token value refunded to the player. This is applicable at any point in time as long as the timer for that round has not expired.

Play without visiting the site using 'DirectPlay' mode

Players don’t even have to visit the DApp site to play. One can send a token value multiple of a specific game, from their Ethereum Wallet to the Contract Address, and the player participation gets auto-confirmed. Read More

Emphasis on Strategy rather than ‘Random’ based outcome

Games are designed such that there is a lot of leverage on how you play, rather than dependence on chance, to maximizes your outcome of victory. The per token win probability itself is extremely high, teamed with option to purchase and revert at will, brings strategy as key to victory. Read More

Immaculately secure Smart Contract code providing uncompromising gameplay

The Smart Contract follows best-in-class secure methodology derived from various top safety standards such as Consensys, OpenZeppelin etc. which prevents attacks such as re-entrancy, overflow/underflow etc. The contract is also publicly verified, providing full transparency of game algorithm. Read More

MegaPrize category to pick a lucky winner from historical participants

The MegaPrize uses part of admin’s edge to create a lucky draw for participants who have played any Game Board at least once, without reverting. The winner is again chosen using provable random like game rounds & MegaPrize amount automatically credited. Read More

Consistency of Win Probability and Uninterrupted Game Perpetuity maintained

The games cannot be obstructed in any manner while the round is still on. The game locks can only be implemented by admin on completion of game rounds, so does contract kill. Also, to maintain consistent win probability, new game boards are added instead of increasing total tokens for a specific game.

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